Research Papers

Research papers are listed by first author’s last name.

Shadow prices as estimates of the cost of forest fires. (2002). Glen Armstrong, Steve Cumming. (PDF)

Integrated resource management in the context of the range of natural variability. (1999). Glen Armstrong, Vic Adamowicz, James Beck, Steve Cumming, Fiona Schmiegelow. (PDF)

A stochastic characterisation of the natural disturbance regime of Alberta’s boreal forest: a simple process producing complex outcomes. Glen Armstrong.

BorNet International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation in Boreal Forests, Uppsala, Sweden, May 27 – 28, 2002

Silvicultural practices and forest management strategies that emulate natural disturbances. (1999). Yves Bergeron, Brian Harvey, Alain Leduc, Sylvie Gauthier. (PDF)

Natural fire regime: a guide for sustainable management of the boreal forest. (1999). Yves Bergeron, Alain Leduc, Brian Harvey, Sylvie Gauthier. (PDF)

Natural fire regime: a guide for sustainable forest management of the boreal forest. (1998). Yves Bergeron, Brian Harvey, Alain Leduc. (PDF).

Development of a statistical tool for classifying stand structure and comparison of two territories in the black spruce-moss forest region of Québec. (2003). D. Boucher, Louis De grandpré, Sylvie Gauthier. (PDF)

Scale of an irrupting deer mouse population. (1999). Jeff Bowman, Graham Forbes, Tim Dilworth. (PDF)

Policy networks and firm responses: using a neo-institutional framework for analyzing corporate responses to external demands for sustainable forest management. (1999). Benjamin Cashore, Ilan Vertinsky. (PDF)

Firm-level sustainable forest management responses to environmental pressures in British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest. (1999). Benjamin Cashore, Ilan Vertinsky. (PDF)

The future of grass-roots co-management in Saskatchewan. (1999). Fiona Chambers. (PDF)

SORTIE: a resource mediated, spatially-explicit and individual-tree model that simulates stand dynamics in both natural and managed forest ecosystems. (1999). K. Coates, Christian Messier, M. Beaudet, D. Sachs, C. Canham. (PDF)

Spatial and temporal patterns of the industrial footprint in northeast Alberta, 1960-2000. (2004). Steve Cumming, Paul Cartledge. (PDF)

Divided land bases and overlapping tenures in Alberta’s mixedwood forests: a simulation study of a policy alternative. Steve Cumming, Glen Armstrong.

Compositional analysis of wildfire in the Alberta boreal mixedwood: what do fires burn? Steve Cumming.

Parametric models of the fire-size distribution. (1999). Steve Cumming. (PDF)

Gap dynamics in boreal aspen stands: is the forest older than we think? (1999). Steve Cumming, Fiona Schmiegelow, Phil Burton. (PDF)

A grid-based spatial model of forest dynamics applied to the boreal mixedwood region. (1998). Steve Cumming, D. Demarchi, C. Walters. (PDF)

Percolation in neutral landscapes: landscape metric sensitivity to critical thresholds and a new class division index. (1999). Tomas de Camino-Beck, Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa. (PDF)

Silvicultural alternatives to clearcutting and planting in southern boreal mixedwood stands (aspen/white spruce/balsam fir). (1999). David Greene, Dan Kneeshaw, Christian Messier, Vic Lieffers, Denis Cormier, R. Doucet, Gitte Grover, K. Coates, C. Calogeropoulos. (PDF)

A biological and economical analysis of silvicultural alternatives to the conventional clearcut/plantation prescription in boreal mixedwood stands (aspen/white spruce/balsam fir). (1999). David Greene, Dan Kneeshaw, Christian Messier, Vic Lieffers, Denis Cormier, David Coates, R. Doucet, K. Coates, Art Groot, Gitte Grover, C. Calogeropoulos. (PDF)

Playbacks of mobbing calls of Black-capped Chickadees as a method to estimate reproductive activity of forest birds. (2000). John Gunn, Andre Desrochers, Marc-Andre Villard, Julie Bourque, Jacques Ibarzabal. (PDF)

Forest certification: economic issues and welfare implications. (1998). M. Haener, Marty Luckert. (PDF)

Environmentally sensitive productivity analysis of the Canadian pulp and paper industry, 1959-1994: an input distance function approach. (2006). A. Hailu, Terrence Veeman. (PDF)

Expectations, choices and realization: perspectives of owners and managers of FSC certified forests in the U.S. (1999). J. Hayward, Ilan Vertinsky. (PDF)

An economic assessment of using the Allowable Cut Effect (ACE) for Enhanced Forest Management (EFM) policies: an Alberta case study. (2006). R. Hegan, Marty Luckert. (PDF)


Co-management of forest resources in Canada: an economically optimal institutional arrangement
. (1999). Shashi Kant, Yaoqi Zhang. (PDF)

Silviculture adapted for intolerant deciduous stands on mixedwood sites of the south-eastern boreal forest. (1998). C. Kelly, Christian Messier, Yves Bergeron, Brian Harvey. (PDF)

Learning about environmental damage: implications for emissions trading. (1999). P. Kennedy. (PDF)

Dynamic incentives and the Pigouvian tax. P. Kennedy, Benoit Laplante.

Conformance of Ontario’s Forest Management Planning Manual to criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management. (2003). Martin Kijazi, Shashi Kant. (PDF)

Development of integrated ecological standards of sustainable forest management at an operational scale. (2006). Dan Kneeshaw, Alain Leduc, Pierre Drapeau, Sylvie Gauthier, David Paré, R. Doucet, Richard Carignan, Luc Bouthillier, Christian Messier. (PDF)


Forest values, perceptions, and co-management in northwestern Ontario
. (2003). Susan Lee, Shashi Kant. (PDF)

Concern about AOX. (2001). Kate Lindsay, Daniel W. Smith. (PDF)

Discussion paper for SFMN project: “Factors influencing kraft pulp mills when reducing impacts of effluent discharge”. (2001). Kate Lindsay, Daniel W. Smith. (PDF)


Revisiting traditional land use and occupancy studies: relevance and implications for resource management in Alberta
. (1999). Laura MacKinnon, Caesar Apentik, Michael Robinson. (PDF)

The forest fire induced impacts on phosphorus, nitrogen and chlorophyll a concentrations in boreal sub-arctic lakes of northern Alberta. (1999). P. McEachern, E. Prepas, J. Gibson, P. Dinsmore. (PDF)

Big game hunters in Alberta: their activities, values, and preferences in relation to sustainable forest management. (1999). Bonnie Mcfarlane, Peter Boxall, Vic Adamowicz. (PDF)

Thinking and acting differently for a sustainable management of the boreal forest. (1999). Christian Messier, Dan Kneeshaw. (PDF)

A review of economic sustainability indicators. (2001). N. Mittelsteadt, Vic Adamowicz, Peter Boxall. (PDF)

Quantitation of the population size and metabolic activity of a resin acid-degrading bacterium in activated sludge using slot blot hybridization to measure rRNA:rDNA ratio. (1999). Annette Muttray, William Mohn. (PDF)


Co-operative resource management as an adaptive strategy for Aboriginal communities
. (1999). Dave Natcher. (PDF)

A criteria and indicators approach to community development. (1999). Dave Natcher, Cliff Hickey. (PDF)

The Kyoto Protocol and climate change mitigation: implications for Canada’s forest industry. (2003). Harry Nelson, Ilan Vertinsky. (PDF)

Perception of tree canopy. (2000). Thomas Nelson, Thomas Johnson, Michael Strong, Gail Rudakewich. (PDF)

Public comprehension of alternate ways to manage forest land. (2000). Thomas Nelson, Thomas Johnson, Kare Hellum, Michael Strong. (PDF)


Environmentally extended regional economic impact modeling
. (1999). M. Patriquin, J. Alavalapati, Vic Adamowicz, W. White. (PDF)

Life cycle assessment for sustainable forest management. (1999). A. Paulo Castro, Eric R. Hall, Vic Adamowicz. (PDF)

Development of Q-LAND, a spatial model of forest landscape dynamics incorporating prediction of tree volume and seedling recruitment. (1999). J. Pennanen, David Greene, Marie-Josée Fortin, Christian Messier. (PDF)

Landscape variables influencing nutrients and phytoplankton communities in boreal plain lakes of northern Alberta: a comparison of wetland- and upland-dominated catchments. (2000). E. Prepas, P. Dinsmore, K. Wolfstein, Dolors Planas, S. Paquet, T. Prowse, J. Gibson, P. McEachern, G. Scrimgeour, B. Tonn, C. Paszkowski, L. Halsey, D. Vitt. (PDF)

The use of traditional knowledge in Cree hunting strategies. (1999). Cynthia Pyc. (PDF)


Strengthening the role of indigenous people and their communities in the context of sustainable development
. (1999). Michael Robinson. (PDF)

How accurate are dichotomous choice contingent valuation welfare measures when agents have heterogeneous preferences? (1999). M. Rudd, Case Van Kooten. (PDF)

Morphological indicators of response to overstory removal for boreal conifer trees. (1999). Jean-Claude Ruel, Christian Messier, R. Doucet, Yves Claveau, Robert Horvath. (PDF)


The management of cumulative impacts of land-uses in the western Canadian sedimentary basin: a case study
. (2002). R. Schneider, J. Stelfox, Stan Boutin, S. Wasel. (PDF)

Climate change and forestry: what policy for Canada? (1999). Brad Stennes, E. Krcmar-Nozic, Case Van Kooten. (PDF)

First Nations/Aboriginal research projects of the Sustainable Forest Management Network. (1999). Marc G. Stevenson. (PDF)

Traditional knowledge in environmental management?: from commodity to process. (1998). Marc G. Stevenson. (PDF)

Carbon incentive mechanisms and land-use implications for Canadian agriculture. (2001). Pavel Suchanek, Sabina Shaikh, Case Van Kooten. (PDF)


Using forest fire hazard modelling in multiple use forest management planning
. (1999). W. Thompson, Ilan Vertinsky, H. Scheier, B. Blackwell. (PDF)

Effective partnerships: institutions for shared forest management and community development: annotated bibliography. (2000). Leslie Treseder, Naomi Krogman. (PDF)


Mitigating climate change by planting trees: the transaction costs trap
. (2001). Case Van Kooten, Sabina Shaikh, Pavel Suchanek. (PDF)

The ecological footprint: useful science or politics? (1999). Case Van Kooten, E. Bulte. (PDF)

Estimating economic costs of nature protection: British Columbia’s forest regulations. (1999). Case Van Kooten, Sen Wang. (PDF)

Economics of fossil fuel substitution and wood product sinks when trees are planted to sequester carbon on agricultural lands in western Canada. (1999). Case Van Kooten, Brad Stennes, E. Krcmar-Nozic, Ruud Van Gorkom. (PDF)

Economics of afforestation for carbon sequestration in western Canada. (1999). Case Van Kooten, Brad Stennes, E. Krcmar-Nozic, Ruud Van Gorkom. (PDF)

Economic dynamics of tree planting for carbon uptake on marginal agricultural lands. (1999). Case Van Kooten. (PDF)

How much ancient forest should society retain?: carbon uptake, recreation and other values. (1998). Case Van kooten, E. Bulte. (PDF)

Predicting landscape patterns from stand attribute data in the Alberta boreal mixedwood. (1999). P. Vernier, Steve Cumming. (PDF)

The economics of certifying the environmental friendliness of products. (1999). Ilan Vertinsky, Dongsheng Zhou. (PDF)

Shades of green: cognitive framing and the dynamics of corporate environmental response. (1999). Ilan Vertinsky, C. Zietsma. (PDF)

Legal issues of marketing and certification: the case of products from sustainable forests. (1999). Ilan Vertinsky, Dongsheng Zhou. (PDF)


Sustainable forestry in the Gwich’in settlement area: ethnographic and ethnohistoric perspectives
. (1999). Robert Wishart, Ara Murray, Derek Honeyman. (PDF)


Bioaugmentation with resin acid-degrading bacteria enhances resin acid removal in sequencing batch reactors treating pulp mill effluents
. (2000). Zhongtang Yu, William Mohn. (PDF)

Occurrence of two resin acid-degrading bacteria and a gene encoding resin acid biodegradation in pulp and paper mill effluent biotreatment systems assayed by PCR. (1999). Zhongtang Yu, Martin Kijazi, William Mohn. (PDF)

Peatland dynamics simulation model: a literature review and modelling design. (1998). Zhongtang Yu, I. Campbell. (PDF)