News Releases

2008 / 2009

The Network issued twenty-eight (28) “Net Gazette / Net Express” E-newsletters to its news distribution list of nearly 1000 people. This was done through a third party electronic distribution service.

December 2007

Winners Announced in National Forestry Competition: Discoveries of winning student researchers could improve future forest planning and policy, save costs. [PDF]

September 2007

Research results provide important new guidance for ecological forestry in Eastern and Central Canada. [PDF]

2007 Research Investment Announcements

Boosting Canada’s innovative policies and practices in support of our forests, the environment, and the livelihood of forest-dependent communities. [PDF]

Six Canadian researchers to research both best practices and knowledge gaps in sustainable forest management. Results of research expected to impact future management and policy of Canadian forests. [PDF]

Drs. Vic Adamowicz and Phil Comeau (U of A) to develop unique tools to preserve Canada’s forests, wildlife. [PDF]

Dr. Steve Cumming to use computer modeling tools to help preserve wildlife, ensure conservation efforts are cost-effective. [PDF]

Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt will work with research team to consider the role of customary stewardship approaches for land-use planning and forest management in Ontario. [PDF]

Dr. Shashi Kant’s work to explore a new method to value Aboriginal land use viewed as key to negotiations of compensation for Aboriginal people. [PDF]

Drs. Dan Kneeshaw and Christian Messier to develop unique tools to help sustain and manage Canada’s forests. [PDF]

Drs. Bruce Larson, Paul McFarlane, and Dan Moore to conduct research to help sustain Canada’s forests, improve their management. [PDF]

Dr. Osvaldo Valeria to develop modeling tools to implement a unique system to manage and protect Western Quebec forests. [PDF]

Special Announcements!

Montreal researcher receives national award for sustaining Canada’s forests in the long term — Dr. Christian Messier’s discovery maximizes both timber production and ecosystem protection at the same time. (NCE announcement). [PDF]

A Networks of Centres of Excellence is changing how forest science is done across the country (NCE overview). [PDF]

Research Investment Announcements

UNB researcher receives $522,000 research award – Dr. Paul Arp leads national research team to improve timing of logging operations in hydrologically sensitive areas. [PDF]

Trent researcher receives $540,000 research award – Dr. Jim Buttle leads national research team to create a Canadian forest management watershed framework. [PDF]

Lakehead researcher receives $420,000 research award – Dr. Han Chen leads national research team to predict future forest environmental conditions. [PDF]

U of A researcher receives $540,000 research award – Dr. Fangliang He leads national research team to measure and model biodiversity. [PDF]

UBC researcher receives an $80,000 research award – Dr. John Innes leads a regional research team to find a better way to understand and manage cumulative development impacts on Treaty 8 lands. [PDF]

U of T researcher receives $570,000 research award – Dr. Shashi Kant leads international research team to develop a global competitiveness index for Canada’s forest industry taking into account global economic forces. [PDF]

UBC researcher receives $431,000 research award – Dr. Thomas Maness leads inter-provincial research team in developing a new way to effectively measure the public’s forest preferences. [PDF]

MUC researcher receives $237,100 research award – Dr. Jeremy Rayner leads regional research team to improve the development of integrated land management policies in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. [PDF]

Advertorials 2004 – 2005

Aspen: Prime real estate for nesting birds and mammals In Interior Douglas-fir forest in British Columbia – Logging and Sawmilling Journal, May 2005. [PDF]

SFM Network pushes the boundaries of ILM research, The Edge Forest Business, September 2005. [PDF]

Alberta seen as hotbed of university-based forest research – The Edge Forest Business, September 2004. [PDF]]

Previous Announcements

Recent forest burned areas: beetle buffet for three-toed and black-backed woodpeckers (Susan Hannon and Jeff Hoyt), 21 May 2003. [PDF]

Criteria and indicators recognize First Nations peoples’ needs, rights and interests in forest planning and management (Cliff Hickey, David Natcher, and Chief Johnsen Sewepagaham (Little Red River Cree Nation), 24 March 2003. [PDF]

Weather simulations predict major landscape change in 40 to 60 years for Western Canada due to more severe forest fires under climate change. Eastern Canada affected too – but later (Mike Flannigan), 17 March 2003. [PDF]]

If tent caterpillars, and the flies that prey on them, were instead caribou and wolves — would we take more notice? (Jens Roland), March 12, 2002. [PDF]

Pulp and paper industry more productive if pollution abatement efforts counted (Terry Veeman), January 30, 2002. [PDF]

Fire-Smart Forests? New research study supports concept (Steve Cumming), January 30, 2002. [PDF]]

Possible link found between heavily logged Canadian Shield watersheds and high mercury contamination in game fish (Richard Carignan), 12 March 2001. [PDF]