Annual Reports

The Annual Reports for the years 2001 - 2010 are available in PDF format.

2009: Realizing The Promise... Considering The Future (report for the period 2008/2009).

2008: Building bridges to future SFM research: Celebrating 14 years of research excellence (report for the period 2007/2008).

2007: Future directions and pathways to sustainability (report for the period 2006/2007).

2006: Stronger Partners: Adding value / creating impact (report for the period 2005/2006).

2005: Strengthening Partner Linkages: Building Momentum (report for the period 2004/2005).

2004: Interaction and Exchange: Raising The Bar (report for the period 2003/2004).

2003: From Knowledge To Practice (project report 2002/2003).

2002: Refining Direction (report for the period 2001/2002).

2001: The Next Stage of Growth (report for the period 2000/2001).